Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everyone needs somebody

Today was moms birthday.

Today was her first birthday without dad.

As I was leaving her house Geneviette says " Is nanny taking good care of pawpaws truck?"
Me- Yes, why?
G- Who's gonna drive it now?
Me- I guess no one. Nanny offered it to me and to Uncle Keith but we dont need it.
G- Oh, Whats she going to do with it?
Me- I dont know.
G- Do we come see nanny because she is alone?
Me- Yes
G- PawPaws in Heaven
Me Yes he is. What do you think about that?
G- Will Nanny ever get another husband?
Me- I doubt it G.
G- Why?
Me- She is older and doesnt feel very well.
G- She needs someone.
Me- Why?
G- So she wont be alone.

I almost cried. What a deep thinker and loving heart my beautiful grand daughter has at four years old. Precious , precious times. I told mom about our conversation. She teared up too.

Happy Birthday Mom.

The best present wasnt given too you, it was from you. A heart that loves and a family that cares. I hope my legacy of love is as strong as yours.