Sunday, June 28, 2009

Concerts and Conditions

I am waking up in the nice luxurious Comfort Inn in Little Rock. OK, maybe not luxurious but WAY Better than the hotels Randy picks out.  We spent four days at my friend Gwyns home and now we are in Little Rock. We came in for a concert last night.  The concert was PHENOMENAL.  I loved it! The Celtic women  have voices like angels.   In my younger days I would have loved to be part of a group like that. Now , I will just settle for being a children's musician... No fancy long dresses for me  or ALL TELL arena performances. Instead I get a bright shirt, tight capris ( a result of last years tour ) and flip flops!   And venues, well we did play the Lonoke library and in a backyard with the beautiful backdrop of a barbed wire fence and a walnut tree. Sounds beautiful and natural I know, but let 40 three year olds loose with walnuts on the ground and see how comfortable you feel... 

Randy has a sleeping problem.  I mean a serious one. I think he has caught that bug that a  lot of older people get.  You know, the one where you wake up with the chickens and get breakfast and watch the news.  Then all day long you talk about " I just dont know how people stay in bed so late.."   This morning at 6 am Randy woke up.  " Deb, go get breakfast with me."  I let him go on down there, but since I was awake I got dressed and went on down.  Homemade waffles with pecans. Yummy.   ( Remember the tight Capris?)   As I walked in he was talking to an older woman.  No doubt discussing how  "young'ns" stay in bed so late.  Randy says " well, there is my beautiful wife. Wow, she is up, I cant believe it!" I smile and get my breakast.  Randy needed a buddy eater.  We eat and talk about how we hate that all that is on the news lately is Micheal Jackson. Yes, he was a music icon.  Yes, he died.   Farrah Faucett died the same day.... she was working to protect the rights of privacy of our medical records. Something that I have no doubt Micheal is going to wish he had.  Ok, back to the story.  We come back upstairs to our room and Randy checks his email and then lies back down on the bed.

 " I am just gonna rest my eyes".  Well, as I type this, he has been resting them for about an hour and a half. I mean, why not just sleep in.... ugh....   Ever since I met Randy one of the things I admired about him was his respect for older people. I am actually quite surprised me married me and not an older woman.  Randy has aspired to be an old man for a long time. I think he has arrived.  :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

A little Rest Never Did Anyone Harm

I am really slacking on my blogging this summer. Dana, I think I need a counseling session.  Does my  lack of blogging mean there is nothing exciting going on , or that I have accepted my fate as a traveling kids musician and staying at low rate hotels?  

Our traveling this year has been really minimized.  We havent been away at night as much as we were last year .  I think we have only been in  a hotel three nights so far this year.   The hotels we have stayed in havent been too bad, as a matter of fact only one had numbers.   It was a Super 8. I have dealt with this promptly though.  I say.. if you stop at a Super 8... 8 minutes is all you get.  Motel 6..  you get six minutes.  Needless to say, the hotel we stayed at last was a suite with a king size bed and a huge flat screen TV.  I am learning to bargain !

Over all our tour this year has been successful. I have not been on stage with tags hanging from my arms or anything.  My favorite part this year has been when Randy asks " Am I cool or what?" and  this little 7 year old girl stuck her finger in her throat like.. dont make me gag! I thought I would fall out! 

I actually have notes at home I had to blog, if I find it I may have more to add.

Right now, we are in Texas. We came for Randy's sister's 50th Birthday Bash. It was a surprise party.  We have spent a lot of time hanging out by the pool and sight seeing.  We will head home tomorrow.

I miss my life in Siloam , but I cant deny I have a great one where ever I am.

Yes, that is me in the top.  Can someone PLEASE start First Place when  I come back. I look like a mix between a fat mexican or chinese lady!