Saturday, September 3, 2011

Life is like a railroad

Life is like riding a train . Sometimes slow and you can enjoy the scenery. Sometimes fast . Sometime you go in a tunnel and it is very dark but always.. there is a light as you come to the end.

This morning I got up and walked over 4 miles. It felt really good. I think I have made a turn in my thinking . When I got up working out was my third thought.

Thought one : Thanking the Lord for a new day and all the blessings.
Thought two: censored.
Thought three: I WANT TO GO WALK!

I thought I would never hear myself say I WANT to work out, but I did. Now, if this old body can just cooperate with me and get in shape, that would be great.

Ok, met me get back on track... get it ... track? Railroad track.

As I ride this journey of life out there are some things that I have learned.

When my train is slow I have learned :
To look and listen for blessings .. because we all know -

I have learned to enjoy those seated around me, they might not always be there.
I have learned to enjoy the slow paths because right around the curve might be a hill that causes me to race like a crazy woman.

When my train is fast I have learned to breath.... just breath.
I have learned to let others help pull me along, I cant do it alone.
Enjoy the breeze.. let my hair down and feel the peace blow through me.

When I go through a tunnel.
MAN, dont you hate the tunnels?
I have learned to keep my eyes open and try to adjust to the darkness so I can see but always know there is a light.
There is always a light.
There is always a light.

And last.. a train almost always carries baggage. I have a little myself. Some that no one even knows about. My baggage is heavy and can weigh me down. I need to unload it ever once in a while. If I dont unload it, I cant help carry anyone elses baggage and helping ... is important.

No sure where this blog came from or why...

but... toot toot.. it's over.