Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seeking Shelter

Tonight there was a tornado warning. In all honesty if a HUGE tornado had not just hit Joplin and killed several people, I think I might have not looked for a " fraidy" hole. Well, also - my grand daughter was at the shelter and the thought of being anywhere but where SHE was during a bad storm made me ill. There is just something about being near your kids when there is imminent danger.

The tornado's passed by us. Thank the Lord we are all safe.

We went by and picked up Addam on our way to JBU. He came; but reluctantly. You could tell that he thought it was stupid. Addam does NOT like crowds... As we walked into the JBU Health Complex and you could see huge crowds of people he paused and I heard him quietly groan.

What he doesnt know is that the only other time in my life I have been to a storm shelter was when I was EXTREMELY pregnant with him. We lived in Fort Walton Beach and there was a hurricane warning. The doctor suggested since I was ready to deliver to stay at the hospital. I was near time so I secretly hoped that barometric pressure would dip or surge ( WHATEVER they expected) and cause his little body to make it's entrance. He didnt... he stayed very quiet all night and waited in the hallways for the danger to pass.

Much like tonight..... very quiet... and waiting for the storm to pass.

I DO appreciate him and love that he gave in to my panic to be near them and went with us.
Thanks Addam :)

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