Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Man I Married

When I met Randy I was 32 and he was 46 . He managed a restaurant and sang the blues. No, I mean really.. really sang the blues. I loved hearing him sing some of his favorites from Keb Mo. I loved it so much in fact that for his first birthday that we celebrated together I treated him to a trip to Nashville to see Keb Mo. Pure Magic.

Randy dressed in khakis and button down shirts pressed and always smelled so good. He wore expensive cologne and his hair was always perfect. When I visited his house there were rare times that candles were not burning and music playing... always the romantic.

When we would go to eat it would always be at VERY nice places... even places that didnt have the prices listed on the menu and waiters stood around to jump at your every whim.

Do you have a good picture of who Randy was when I met him ?

That was about 12 years ago.

Last week we went on a carribean cruise.

Romantic right ?

Upscale right ?

I got a bad wrap for packing too much clothes but as we got in our cabin on the ship and I started to unpack his things. We had a tambourine.... a TAMBOURINE? Maracas ? A wooden thingy that makes music ? Did he have a gig on this boat and forgot to mention it ?

The first thing that Randy had to eat when he got on the " floating buffet " with gourmet cuisine ? A hot dog... Yes a hot dog.

We had 24 hour room service that was included in our all inclusive cruise price. Randy ordered it several times to get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes... the moon , the boat, the music and a PB& J. Cant get any better right ?

My Randy from ten years ago is totally different from the man I am married to now. He probably would say the same about me.

Regardless its all still pure magic.

Most days.

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