Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting Rooms

 I am now a waiting room expert and a practicing psychologist.  That is pretty funny considering I am taking psychology right now and I hate it!  ( speaking of... I am SURE I have something due today - mental note- catch up on classes. ) 

Somethings I have learned.

They really dont want you to stay in the CCU waiting room or else there would be couches instead of love seats.  Only 2 foot people can lay down on these things and be comfortable.

Inevitably there are four people named Debbie that every time the phone rings and someone answers we all  jump up.

People in here are generally honest. You can leave your lap top, iphone and wallet all in your little "area" and no one touches them.  But DONT leave your pillow... they disappear.

You think they are all your friends BUT you leave and go to Walmart and come back to find out that you look like Horton Hears a Who  and no one loved you enough to say " Hey ,Debbie, own a brush?"

Magazines really can stick around for a year or so.

You can make a game out of reading the closed captioning on the TV from different areas of the  room.  

Sleeping in clothes hasnt been that bad... saves laundry.

But most of all -

Having a good family  and friend support system makes all  the difference in the world....


AdamandKaylasmommy said...

I know you are emotionally exhausted. Waiting rooms are not very comforting either.

Adam is still saying the food blessing for tree every few hours or so.

Rita said...

I wish I had some great words of wisdom. Do you have someone who could bring in an air mattress????
Love you.