Monday, June 15, 2009

A little Rest Never Did Anyone Harm

I am really slacking on my blogging this summer. Dana, I think I need a counseling session.  Does my  lack of blogging mean there is nothing exciting going on , or that I have accepted my fate as a traveling kids musician and staying at low rate hotels?  

Our traveling this year has been really minimized.  We havent been away at night as much as we were last year .  I think we have only been in  a hotel three nights so far this year.   The hotels we have stayed in havent been too bad, as a matter of fact only one had numbers.   It was a Super 8. I have dealt with this promptly though.  I say.. if you stop at a Super 8... 8 minutes is all you get.  Motel 6..  you get six minutes.  Needless to say, the hotel we stayed at last was a suite with a king size bed and a huge flat screen TV.  I am learning to bargain !

Over all our tour this year has been successful. I have not been on stage with tags hanging from my arms or anything.  My favorite part this year has been when Randy asks " Am I cool or what?" and  this little 7 year old girl stuck her finger in her throat like.. dont make me gag! I thought I would fall out! 

I actually have notes at home I had to blog, if I find it I may have more to add.

Right now, we are in Texas. We came for Randy's sister's 50th Birthday Bash. It was a surprise party.  We have spent a lot of time hanging out by the pool and sight seeing.  We will head home tomorrow.

I miss my life in Siloam , but I cant deny I have a great one where ever I am.

Yes, that is me in the top.  Can someone PLEASE start First Place when  I come back. I look like a mix between a fat mexican or chinese lady!

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Brook's Babbles In Arizona said...

Well, I think you are beautiful!!! I am so glad you all are having a great time traveling!!! I miss you lots!!! :) I have a ton of very sweet pictures of you and Randy and Zach that keep me thinking of old times!!! <3 you lots!!!