Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful but the fire is so delightful
And since we have so much to do....
Let it snow , let it snow, let it snow!

Ok, I was one of those people that prayed for snow last night.  Danielle's wedding is Thursday and I need another day to get ready.  Just one extra day that I can spend doing little things that need to be done.    The phone rang at 5:30. It was my dad calling to say school was out.   I went back to bed and had the coolest dream.  You know those little exercise things that have wheels and you kneel and put your hands on the handles and go in and out to exercise your tummy?  I dreamed that I went upstairs and woke up Danielle and she and I got on that thing and rode down the alley saying " Wow...  I can't believe we have the day off ! Look, there's ice. Look Cindy's car  is gone,  Look...." I am not sure what the dream means but I am sure there is a significance!  

So today, I will make sure the house is spotless so I can put that stress to rest.
I will pick up the monogrammed robes for the bridesmaids. I will go through my list and check it twice of the small things that still need to be done.  I will get the foyer ready for the dozens of calla lilly's and roses that HOPEFULLY will still slide into town.  

Sometime today, I want to just sit down with Addam and Danielle at the table and play a game and drink hot cocoa.

Thank you Lord for my extra day.  I know somehow you knew I was about to be the mom sitting in the corner thumbing my lips and humming a song that no one knows...  


reece&dana said...

And that would be different from any other day --(the thumbing lips singing songs no one knows part?)

Seriously, glad you have a day to get things done. I can totally relate!

AdamandKaylasmommy said...

LOL.. Glad you have the day off. Really though I was ready to go back to work today. Todd has been working all weekend, so the kids and I have been home. We kinda have cabin feaver.