Friday, December 5, 2008

Seven Random Facts About Me- I've Been Tagged

Kiri over at Elbows, Knees and Dreams tagged me, so here goes:

1.   I have never really like PIZZA!  Not American, I know.
2.   I met my husband at a casino, and I dont gamble.
3.  I am a magazine junkie!
4.  If I had to be in any other profession rather than Early Childhood, I would LOVE to be a waitress. Crazy, I know.. I would get to talk to people all day!
5.  I love 80's chick flicks!
6.  Most of my house is organized and clean but my bedroom stays a PIG STY!
7.  I hate my living room furniture but cant get rid of it - it is my deceased mother in laws
I am tagging:
Julie at The Kelly Family 

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