Friday, July 10, 2009

I cant sleep,,,

Tomorrow is our day off. We are in Mountain Home Arkansas for two days. We have a concert on Saturday morning so, it was just too far to drive all the way back to Siloam and back again. I had planned to sleep in. I was so excited about that fact that I fell asleep really early. Now, here I am up at 3 am and cant go back to sleep. Not to mention the hotel Smoke alarm is dinging. Randy is sleeping like a baby so I decided to grab a little quiet reflection time.

The mall concert was a lot of fun. Many of my friends from ASU came to watch . They had the concert in a store front. I wasnt concerned at all that I have gained so much weight and was doing the TWIST on a huge stage and so "out there". I think when you are round - as Beth says_ you have to twist a little harder so the kids can actually see you go around...So, by the time I get all that done I am exhausted. Then I have to sing a solo of " This little light of mine" and I am so out of breath I feel like I am going to pass out. I am too OLD and out of shape to be a childrens rockstar!

I wish the hotel smoke alarm would stop dinging.

I had a little boy heckle me today. Well, not really heckle. He was very funny. When I sang " can you point your finger at your nose" he put his finger IN his nose. Next was point at your mouth. Well, you know where this is going.... Sometimes when you have done the concert 50 times already, it can get a little routine. So, I actually appreciated this little boy for making me smile today. As I entertained him, he entertained me.

I wish the hotel smoke alarm would stop dinging....

Why do men think it is ok to pass gas in small places? And exactly how do they do that in their sleep? I mean , what would the world be like if women went around - Oh , ok we will say it- farting at leisure? Can you imagine? Randy and I are cooped up in the truck sometimes for hours. You would think he could hold it or roll down the window to warn me or something , but no. Loud as Gabriels horn it rips and the smell is horrid. Sometimes I have one of those little Cracker Barrel car deodorizers and I smell it.... sometimes I just pout. Why do they do that? I know, you wondered what Randy and I did while we spend some much time in the car. He farts and I play with my IPHONE.

I wish the hotel smoke alarm would stop dinging.. and that Randy would stop farting.

I am going to try to go back to bed.


reece&dana said...

Your new phone should have an odor control button on it -- I mean, it has everything else, right?

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Heh heh
Why is it funny? I don't get it.
Count your blessings. When we take road trips, I have Fred plus THREE farters in the backseat, too. Isabelle and I have no recourse!!