Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Motel 6 and my New Phone

So..here I sit in Barnes and Noble syncing my new IPhone to my MAC. After a huge turn of events, I was forced to purchase a new phone today. Let 's start from the beginning.

Yesterday I worked in the preschool for a while. Randy had a doctors appt and Beth needed to go to the doctor also , so I volunteered to hang out with my best buds until everyone was back. The day was wonderful. We talked about all the things that they have been doing while I was gone. We read books and did circle time. The kids told me all about the fun they were having with Mrs. Beth. MANY MANY times, they called me Mrs. Beth. At first I felt a little betrayed but then I thought you know.....I want them to love her. This is a good sign. So, I just answered to whatever they wanted to call me.

FInally TWO HOURS later than we planned to leave - We were all packed. I am an organizer. Randy is not. If we want to leave by 10 you should plan for 8. No matter what time he gets started he will be late. Mark that down somewhere.. he will be late. So , we get in seat belt all buckled and RWRR.. RWRR.. The truck would not start. We had to move the cars around so we could jump it. We went to Walmart and sat..... and sat... only to find out they did not have a battery to fit. We drive to Harrison. We sat.. and sat.. and YES!!! THEY HAVE ONE! So, finally about 7 pm we are headed to Jonesboro.

We stopped somewhere near Bortia to eat a very late supper. It was ok but the surrounding conversations were wonderful. There was a table of traditional pentecostals there. She was on the phone explaining who her friend is.. " You know, she has long hair." mmmm kkk... Think about that one. They are at a tent revival ( her words) and the long hair is supposed to make her stand out. I mean at that table there were three people that had hair to their waist. ( OK, maybe I have had a bad day and my recollections are really mean.....)

Randy finally pulls in to a motel 6. We have not stayed in one all summer. It has been a good summer. We walk in and there are two queen beds. The room is so small the beds are pushed against the wall. I quickly decided to claim one bed and let Randy have the other. I mean.... He deserves a little punishment for such crappy taste right?

After checking my email ( SURPRISE THEY DID HAVE WIFI YOU COULD BUY) I plugged in my phone to charge. Randy went to get ice in the container. We wont call it a ice bucket , we will call it a butter tub. I fell asleep . I tossed and turned all night. I dont remember the dreams but I am sure they were just a preview of my morning.

I woke up and started getting around.... I am generally a morning person and happy. I picked up my phone and felt the water drip from it.... NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO I am sure in slow motion this exploded from my mouth. Thankfully I am not a cusser or I am totally sure it would have been an expletive morning. Randy had no compassion for my poor dead phone at all. Did he understand this was my friend? Did he understand this is how I have kept sane this month? Obviously not, or he would have had his kid gloves on. Let's just say, it was a quiet drive. I am thinking I have three concerts with cheerful kids today and all I want to do is kill Randy and get a new phone.

As I sang... I did it myself.. it makes me happy.... in the back of my mind i was adding up the hours until I get to deliver Randy to the hotel and find an AT &T.

And that I did..

But first.

I did see on Facebook that everyone said my phone my dry out. I put it on the front of the truck during our last concert.

I forgot until I was halfway to Jonesboro to get a new phone. Randy didnt even complain about my forgetfullness. I think he knew better.

He is alseep. I am happy.

The Jonesboro Library called today and said they would love to put us up in a bed and breakfast tomorrow night. I gratefully accepted. I am trying to decide if I will tell Randy or not.... maybe... not.

I will close now and get to know my new traveling friend a little better.

Upon returning home if my bon voyage friends would like to have an intervention and try to break my addiction to my phone you may try... but i doubt you would be successful.


Rita said...

you made my day. I love reading your blogs, you can make a Motel 6 read like an adventure. Have fun with your new friend (I totally sympathize with you in the loss of your other one. Were you able to retrieve the data stored there?)

AdamandKaylasmommy said...

I'm pretty sure I would have a meltdown if something ever happened to my iPhone. It's my BFF for sure!