Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Brother

My brother can be a lot of things:

Funny - but not really

He is also very:

handy - he can fix anything
tender hearted - though you wouldnt know if you didnt know to look for the lip quiver

But tonight, we were in Mazzios eating . Keith had driven in straight from work in Tulsa at the air base. He had on his uniform still. I have often wondered why he tends to keep his uniform on. He will wear it to the barber shop. He showed up at Danielle's wedding in it.

Tonight an older lady walked by the table this conversation took place.
" I see you have an honored guest here tonight. Thank you sir for all you do for us. I appreciate you."

Then she progressed to tell us a story about her husband and Thanked my brother again before she left.

He has been to Afghanistan , Iraq and Saudi Arabia. He has 7 more years and he will retire from active duty and civilian service.

During that conversation my brother was quieter than usual and quite humble. I realized how good he probably felt when people approach him like this. He doesn't get a lot of pats on the back..... but these makes up for many.

I think he was proud to be a solider.
I know he was.

I am proud to be his sister.

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