Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crete, Frescoes and My Past Life

Today I am stuck in the house with an eye infection. It looks pretty nasty but honestly doesnt hurt too much. I decided if I have to stay inside , I might as well catch up on some school work. Well, actually I am working ahead on a research paper for Art. I decided to do my paper on something that I have a connection with. I chose to to the Art of the ancient Minoan period. No, I am not Minoan but I did live in Crete, Greece for a period of my life. I was 22 and had two children and loving life. Moving to a foreign country didn't really scare me, I love new adventures.

The art works that I am writing about are mainly the frescoes that were painted on the palace walls, such as Knossos and small iconic sculptures. As I am researching pictures of places that we visited as a family are there just as they are in my photo albums. As I look at the works of art the memories are as vibrant as the colors on the walls.

Knossos Palace - The main thing I remember is the frescoe of the dolphins on the wall and Allen.

Gounnira was a great place to explore , the low walls made it easy to see the structure of the city. Allen had Danielle is a little blue and red carrier and carried her all over. I had on a blue skirt and a white sweater.

We visited the beach where Paul ship wrecked . We had a picnic there and a family came over to take our picture.

There was a beach that was topless that we went to. We didnt know it until we had unloaded everything and headed through the beach with all our paraphanela . I remember Addam who was 3 at the time kept saying " daddy that lady doesnt have a top on,.." We left fairly quickly. I think Allen might have enjoyed that stop. I also remember the outdoor restroom there. It was a wood shack with a HOLE IN THE GROUND. You straddled the whole ... ummm. No.

I remember Allen and I standing in the Aegean Sea and pushing Danielle underwater for her to swim to us. She was 6 months old.

Blue doors... everybody had them.

Hersonisos is where we lived. Our landlord was Greek. He spoke no english, which is why one day when my water heater went out I ended up with a chicken egg.

I was in a play called " God's favorite" and I got to wear a full length mink coat.

There were a lot of gypsies and the children stole flowers from graves at night and would come into town to sell them.

So many memories of my life starting out with Allen. We were so happy. Good times.

I want to go back one day. Although, I am not sure I can handle the memories. They were good. It hurts to think that he is no longer alive. He always said he wanted to go back to Greece. I hope one day in his honor I can take the kids back there.

For today, I will finish this paper ( maybe it wasnt a good idea to pick Greek Art) and maybe get the movie Mama Mia!

αντίο - good bye!

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AdamandKaylasmommy said...

I know what its like to relive memories, and then feel a little sad. We lived in Sicily Italy. It was one of the last duty stations that we all 4 lived together as a family. My parents got divorced shortly after returning to the states.