Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stupid Art Test

Today I had my first on-campus exam.   I studied all week. I took the little review sheet she gave us and diligently filled it in.   I was scheduled to be there at 5:00 p.m..  I left home a little early knowing that the area I had to wait in for my appointed time would SURELY be less distracting than home.  As I drove over there I recited the elements of art and the five reasons  I feel art exist. I ran pictures of the Mona Lisa through my head and the American Gothic and said the artist names over and over.  I am ready!

As I find a place to park that is in the boonies of parking areas, I take out my purse and realize as I start to walk to the building that my coach purse is cute but looks a little out of place along side  the  backpacks I see.   When I finally reach the door I am huffing ( reminder to get BACK ON THAT DIET!) and a little disoriented.  Where am I supposed to go?   I finally found a map on a wall and realized that I had to go to another building.  Here I go.... huffing again....

When I finally reach the testing center I have about 35 minutes before it is time for me to go in.   I make a quick stop in the restroom . That is when it all fell into place.  In the mirror, I see an old me looking back. I never have felt I looked so old.  As my eyes drift from my wrinkled face down I am horrified to remember that I have on a winnie the pooh shirt. SERIOUSLY! I put it on today because it is warm and the kids like it.  WHY did I not change before I left?  So, now I picture my fat huffing self carrying an expensive coach purse to class with a bright red walmart winnie the pooh shirt on.  Lovely.

The test itself wasn't too hard.
I am not sure how I did.
Do you think it was bad to use tattoos as an example of how culture has affected art?
I guess not, unless the instructor ( who I have not seen) is a tattoo queen.
If she is, then I am sure she is laughing right now as she makes red marks on my perfect paper.

I learned a lot today.
I was happy to get back home. 
I always feel young here.
Geneviette came over and we baked Valentines cookies.
She loved my shirt.

Going back to college is not necessarily as hard on the brain as it is on the ego...
Stupid Art Test !


AdamandKaylasmommy said...

I'm sure you look fabulous in your winnie the pooh and coach bag! =) Hope you aced the test.

Rita said...

Oh, how funny. I almost went to super center last night with my pink fuzzy slippers on!!! I hope our discussion on your drive over didn't throw you. I forgot you had that major art test or I wouldn't have called at that time.
I am sure she will love the example of tatoos as modern art. I think it's very original.

Dale Prince said...

I signed up for a class at the University of Maryland, about 10 years ago, on medical reference since I knew nothing about it. I discovered that the instructor was someone I had gone to school with at the University of Alabama 10 years prior to that. So I dressed nicely for my first day in class.

So. In September in Maryland (hot and as humid as Arkansas in September) I parked where I thought I was supposed to and set off in the direction I thought I should go in.

I ended up walking all the way around the campus and had a huge sweat mark on my back the shape of my back pack. Additionally, my hair was completely drenched, and I'm sure I smelled of... well, the outdoors.

It was completely disheartening. But I ended up with an A.