Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hotel Snob

Wow.. how did that sneak up on me? One of my friends called me " Diva Debbie".  Another called me a hotel snob.  I really never looked at myself as a snob before.  Maybe I am.  Today after finishing our concert in Mayflower we headed to Mississippi. We have a concert tomorrow in Olive Branch so we are staying at Harrah's Casino Hotel.  It is SO nice. As you can see, I am actually using the internet in my room. No copying and pasting tonight! 
  Other differences... Look. Soap
 - not in squeeze packets!
Then we have that lovely makeup mirror

 that I missed AND a blowdryer and a IRON!
  Now, this is my kind of hotel room. There are even guys outside that take your luggage in for you.  That is a far stretch from backing in our truck and covering our equipment with a black cloth to make sure no one breaks in while we are sleeping to steal it!   The lobby is beautiful.  There are two beds. Randy has already put 
his guitar to sleep in one bed.  The AC is working in this room. We didn't have to bring in our stage fan!  wow.... This IS my kind of hotel.
Does this make a a snob.. or a Diva?
I mean....I dont require much...
Oh... and guess where we ate for supper? Paula Deens !!!!!

As I sit in my nice room with my little lamp and beautiful view, I am reminded of what is really important. Randy ( the cheap hotel guy) is lying on the bed exhausted from our busy day and the driving.  As I hear him snore - quite loud - I know that I have a great life.  I spend all day through the school year working full time with the man that I love in a job that I LOVE and feel blessed to have.   Now, here I am doing something else I love with him again. Music and Kids... what a great combination .  As we drove today he pointed out the blue sky and all the colors he saw. The yellow wheat fields. The green grass. The white clouds.  A lot of men would never even notice the beauty in a day. We passed a billboard that said " Get lucky at the Isle of Capri." Randy looked at me and said " I already did..."  That is where we met.  As thought it were planned for us- the radio on WRVR played all the right songs by James Taylor. So, there we are driving down the interstate, the blazer loaded beyond belief with speakers, guitars, stage banners and luggage ( and the ironing board , iron and alarm clock that I purchased for cheap hotel stays..) and as I drive we feel like we have transported back 8 years and we are the only two people in the world.  
Yes, hotel snob that I am... lucky to have a cheap hotel man.

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