Monday, June 23, 2008

Local Flavor

Today was an “ off “ day for us. We didn’t have a concert so we hung out, had a picnic in a park and did a little scouting of a couple of the venues we will be singing at later in the month.   We also found a WALMART. I have decided that we have saved money while on this little trip because we aren’t in Walmart every day .  But I DID enjoy the shopping backsliding today.   I think we enjoy walmart because no matter where we go, it is always the same – kinda like home.


When we started this tour I really had high hopes that I would be able to lose weight while we were traveling .I mean, an hour show  - or maybe two- a day and what else do I have to do but walk?   There are no snacks laying all over  the house to randomly munch on so how could I NOT be successful? 


A.     The hotels we are staying at not only do NOT have work out rooms but  I am kinda leary of walking along the interstate.

B.       Randy is loving the local flavor. The local flavor almost ALWAYS consist of something fried or covered in gravy.  Also, they always have those homemade country pies that  have a meringue crust 6 inches high. I have felt the need to allow myself one in recompense for the cruddy hotels I have had to stay in.  ( Pie makes everything feel ok. ) 

So, here I am about two and a half weeks into this tour and I feel like a cow.  Not a pretty , grazing on grass cow, but a full fledged honking HUGE cow.  I DON’T LIKE IT. I just know any day now some kid is gonna say – MOM  She is HUGE.  I would die. I mean , no matter how big you make your hair a kid can still tell if you are fat. 


While in Walmart today I picked up one of my favorite Leslie Sansone walking tapes.  It is the three mile walk. I know, that is being very ambitious but I can work up to it, right?   I bought peaches and watermelon and fat free Pringles. I am READY.


After shopping I go to the pool. I don’t do that in my own home town. I might see someone that would recognize me and give me that wonderful comment that I LOVE.  Oh Debbie, you have such a beautiful face.   That always means “ honey, I am sorry you are fat, if you lost weight you would be really pretty. “.  So, here I am out by the pool reading my new favorite book and laughing out loud.  ( Don’t be too impressed I am STILL at a motel 6 .)   After I had greased down with tanning oil ( tan fat looks better than white fat. )  I am thinking – look at those people going into that Mexican place over there. If they glance over here it will ruin their supper, they will for sure want salad.  For a moment I got distracted and thought, I would LOVE to have a cheese quesadilla.   ZAP!  Ok, back to the diet plan.   Danielle is getting married in December and I have to lose weight. I hate to have my picture made and this will be a mandatory  picture taking time.  I MUST lose weight so I don’t feel awful about smiling for the camera on her special day.  Also, I want a pretty mother of the bride dress, not a jabba the hut tent dress.  Too many more “ local flavor” meals and I will be picking one out. 


Randy ends up coming out to pool. It is time to go for supper.  He takes one look at me ( my swimsuit is cut almost  the naval – I know gross ) and says wow.  He always has a way of making me forget I am fat. Yes, long enough tonight to visit Jonesboros local flavor – The Front Page Café.   I still am thinking I have done well today.  I have had a Fiber One Bar, a subway chicken breast sandwich and baked chips and 6 Nabs crackers. I am going to make good choices then go to the hotel and walk.  I ordered a grilled chicken salad with fat free  dressing.   YAHOO! I am on the  right track.  THEN , can you believe this?  Here comes that sweet little feisty server with a silver bowl and says “ FRIED OKRA ANYONE” ? Are you serious?  They just walk around handing out “ local flavor” while you wait on your meal.  By the time they brought out the grilled chicken salad I had fried okra and a wonderfully delicious yeast roll.  


As we finished our meal and I rolled myself out of the door I only had the energy to take off my clothes and lay down.  


Maybe tomorrow I will start walking……

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Anonymous said...

I saw Randy at Wal-mart. He asked about Alyssa. I told him about a yard sale scarf Alyssa got last week. He wanted me to write it down for him. Alyssa has used that scarf as a
Superhero cape
and Whip for Indiana Girl Jones.
She actually yells "Indiana Girl Jones" as she runs through the house.

Charlie Muessemeyer