Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Kiddos First Concert Experience

You may not know this, but Randy and I are traveling this summer doing childrens music programs. We are " The Kiddos". We have 47 shows booked. It will be a busy busy summer.

So here I am in the first hotel of what probably will turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime. We may just have to call this a hotel/ travel review log. Now, I don’t consider myself spoiled. Is it bad that two of the hotels Randy found for tonight I refused to say yes on until we went inside to see a room? The first hotel wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t really really bad. The next hotel was not so good. It smelled like a huge cigarette. I said “ is this non-smoking”? The man pointed to the door and the non –smoking sign and I asked again…. “ Is this non-smoking?” I can answer that for you. No, it isn’t. So, we ended up at the first hotel.

I mean, I agree that we shouldn’t spend an arm and a leg on hotels. Staying gone all summer and coming home with zero in the pocket, would not be good. I have determined that Randy took me to the 2nd hotel so I would feel like the first one was wonderful. So, here I sit, typing in a word processor. ( NO WIFI_ can you believe that… obviously of you are reading this I have reentered the modern world and found a way to connect and copy and paste this into my blog. ) Let me explain my room to you, Four white walls and a bed. That is about it. Randy has said that all we really need is a bed anyway, right? Hm.. I am not convinced. There is a TV in here. The AC isn’t working great and thankfully we have a small fan with us for the stage . There is a small table that shakes as I type and a refrigerator. Guess what ? There are no little green bottled waters on top of the fridge with $4 price tags. Wait! Maybe I could go explain to the lady how to make more money to upgrade her rooms. Maybe if she made more, the shampoo would be in bottles instead of little squeeze packets. Good thing I brought my blow dryer. Something told me that I would not be staying in hotels that had them hanging next to the makeup mirror in the oversized bathroom I am used to. I also am thankful we have all new clothes and the don’t need pressing. There is no little iron in the room – go figure. Now seriously, am I spoiled? What a summer this will be. We might as well have brought tents. Randy said we are roughing it like “real musicians” . I seriously doubt Carrie Underwood stays here when she is in town. God help me.

The concert itself was a lot of fun. There were probably 125 folks there. The wind was howling like nobodies business. Thankfully we were inside. The kids really seemed to enjoy the show. We had a couple little mess-ups ( mixed up words, CD malfunction ) but other than that - it went well. We covered well and we realized that no matter how hard you work and how much practice you put in - there will never be a perfect show. We only sold 4 CD"s. But remember, people dont come to these library shows expecting to spend money... The kids were mainly 6 , 7 and 8. It was hard work. I really think harder than working all day with our kids. Maybe I am just not comfortable yet. I mean, you are working for a whole hour trying to keep them involved in what you are singing or doing. Randy is awesome at that.... As all the kids were leaving one little girl turned around and said Ms Debbie, you are pretty. That made my day. I mean, I am standing there trying to catch my breath with sweat pouring down the back of my new green shirt feeling any thing but.... dont ya just love kids!

Ada Ok is a cool town. The downtown is really still thriving. Our favorite part of the whole day was stopping back by Seminole Ok at a children's museum. If you ever want ta day trip for your grandkids or kids, this would be a good one. We took lots of pictures. It was fun! I wonder if each day will be an adventure like this?

The best part of all. Randy is being very sweet so that I dont mind staying in sucky hotels... Smiley

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