Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ahhhh, I made a list!

So, I am home for two days . I am not sure how productive I have been but I sure feel better. I work for a while doing laundry and repacking for that inevitable trip to yet another Motel 6 then I sit and make a list.  I boxed up everything in the green room to get ready for painting.  I even taped off the baseboards and trim.  ( I did this for Randy. WHY waste precious time taping off? I mean if you paint like me, a little piece of blue tape isnt going to save anything around .)  Then I made a list.  I pulled the dead pieces off my porch flowers. Then I made a list.  I just LOVE lists.   I have been trying to figure out why I cant seen to work while we are gone.  I can't even seem to muster a good list while on the road.   I think I have decided it is the Motel 6 . I know we have been down this road before.  But I really do think it is.  I cant make a list laying in bed.  Well, I could but it wouldnt be one I would want published .   There is usually a straight , very uncomfortable desk chair in the room but it hasnt sparked my creativity either.  I havent gotten that one figured out yet.  Maybe it is because it is SO multipurpose.  You sit there to eat. You sit there to put on your makeup.  You sit there to pout ( because you would rather be at the Embassey Suites  .)  So, I just cant seen to sit there to work. 

Side Note -  We have figured out that Motel 6 does have a wake up call system  Tom Bodettte calls you and wishes you a happy birthday. Now that Randy knows this he calls every time just for fun.  Then at 7 am when the phone rings he hands me the phone and I hear Happy Birthday to You.. Happy Birthday to you... Yeah i know it isnt your birthday but I wanted to make sure if it was someone told you happy birthday...  Seriously, would it be a great birthday knowing you are waking up in a Motel 6? Especially next to this! 
One of the coolest list I made this weekend was for an automatic calling system .   When I need to get an important message to my preschool families I have 16 calls to make.  Since I am a talker, that means I am on the phone a LONG time.   This new system I can record a message into and it calls them all for me immediately.   LOVE IT!
I also made a list of the playground improvements I want Randy to make when we are finally home for those ten days before school starts.  He owes me that, right?
I made a list for Danielle. I am SURE she will  appreciate it.
I made a list of new things I want to try next year. I looked up tickets to Hawaii next May since Addam , Danielle AND Geneviette will be there by then.   I made up a cycle menu for next school year.   I figured out a budget so I can HOPEFULLY save money. 
List , List , List......
Does this mean that I have some sort of disorder? 

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