Monday, July 28, 2008


Randy and I have two concerts left. I am unpacking.  I know , I said we have two more but that just means ONE night away.     If you can imagine someone my size doing the hoochie momma dance, you can see me right now.   I also hear the song....
I'm walking on sunshine , wooah
I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
and don't it feel good!!

As I unpacked and start to put things away I am reminded of the grand illusions I thought this summer would hold for me.

For starters- lets take out the candles and matches. A while back someone gave me the cutest little tin with pink tea light candles in it.  Before we left, I thought our journey this summer might be a little romantic.  Yeah right... in a Motel 6?   Are you serious?  Excuse me honey while I go freshen up in the bathroom that has squeeze packets shampoo and a painted tub bottom from years of misuse.  There is no telling what is under that paint!  Yeah- 51 concerts later and those candles are still new!

Next up we can take out the bag full of books.  My hopes this summer was to catch up on all the reading I havent had time to do.   I had 5 or 6 books in there.  Here we are at the end of the summer and I read one.  Now granted, it was a good book.   ( Jen Lancaster, my new FAVORITE author has a humorous way of writing that makes the people at the good hotel wonder why I am so happy.)  I am not sure why I couldnt get involved in my books.   I will blame it on the Motel 6 as well.

Jewelry roll-  Now.. what was I thinking?   If you know me you know I like to accessorize. I mean, I truly believe that old saying - if you cant lose it, decorate it!    For every concert I wore black pants and a bright top.   So, I got used to just wearing black earrings and a black bead necklace . After each concert I would take it off and place it in the truck ash tray.  Geez, who needs a jewelry roll when you have a unused ashtray!  Maybe I was thinking I would spruce up for those nights out to dinner and dancing.  Last I checked - you didnt have to dress up much for Wendy's.

Leslie Sansones Power Walk.   At first my plan was to walk each morning before we started concerts.   After I realized I would need a security guard to accompany me in the neighborhoods
 I  was staying in , that idea got nixed quickly.  So I bought a copy of her three mile walk. If  I cant pick up the internet, I should be able to use my lap top somehow.  I did it about 4 times the whole two months.  The most exercise Leslie Sansone gave me on this trip was moving her DVD from one side of my purse to the other as I searched for  tip money after eating fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Pretty negligee.... see top- candles.

Well, that is about all the unnecessary items for now.  I have a few things I will talk about on a later date that I needed but didnt have.  ( EX:   AIR FRESHNER  .  I mean seriously, I guess my house is big enough that I never realized how much a husbands  uh... restroom breaks.... can infiltrate a small room. And.. there is no where to run.  Yeah.. next year I bring air freshner.)


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