Sunday, January 18, 2009

A few more good reasons

I could throw a hat on and not comb my hair.
I could mindlessly change channels as I sleep.
I could pass gas in front of family.
I could have the laundry fairy deliver my clothes.
I could have hot meals cooked for me and all the dishes done.
I could scratch like it is common.
I could only answer the phone when I think it is for me.
I could wake up at the crack of dawn to prove I am a man, then cat nap all day.

Oh... I think that is enough.

I hate to take out the garbage and fill the car up with gas.
I guess I will stay a woman.


AdamandKaylasmommy said...

I totally understand. Not only that, but when you ask a sick kid what parent he wants to stay home with he will almost always pick the dad.

Ms Debbie said...

And Todd grins...

reece&dana said...

And . . . you could look in a mirror and not see anything worrisome!

Rita said... I understand what you were saying when we talked on the phone and you said "sounds like a husband!:) Can you tell I havent't been here lately? I was totally behind.