Saturday, January 17, 2009

I wanna come back as a man!

Ok, I dont believe in reincarnation, but IF I DID- I want to come back as a man.  Well, a husband to be exact!   

This was my day today:

Get up , get dressed ( make up and all incase you run into friends...) 
Go out to Addam's ( a man's ) condo to make sure it is clean before turning in the keys.
Run a few errands.
Got my hair cut.
Visited with mom and dad an hour and a half.
3 loads of laundry
Mid Year expenditure Report
Put about 30 Important deadlines type dates on my calendar
Finish up a grant Report
Do USDA Food Program Forms
Cook a weeks worth of chicken and fish ( new diet )
Make out next weeks menu
Make out Grocery List
Worked on Art Homework
Replied to a couple emails
Facebooked for relaxation.... for 5 minute increments
Went through QRS again to see what I still needed
Logged into Tapp and signed up for First Aid and CPR
Signed up for Arkansas Childrens Week Training
Made my to-do list for tomorrow
Talked to two friends on the phone but it was business talk !

I am TOTALLY SURE  I am forgetting something....

At 9:30 I sat down to watch part of the " SisterHood of the Traveling Pants".  As it went off, I decided I better get up and do the dishes that had accumulated all day.  As I stepped past Randy in the livingroom he said " I love you Honey..."

Well, I bet you do.

Randy's list today:

That was bunch of nothing.... then
Put a safety latch on the shower door for quality so the kids wont drink the shampoo. ( I know, stupid, that is a whole 'nother blog.) It took about 2 minutes. 

I would trade my list any day for his....

Oh.. to be the husband.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a few other reasons I want to be the man!

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