Thursday, April 9, 2009

Am I really 43?

Yesterday was my birthday.   I did get to get away and have a little "me" time.  I went to another FCC home in Farmington for some mentoring and then came the BIG decision to get my hair colored.  Yeah.... that is normally how I approach most BIG decisions -  driving down the road, probably on my cell phone and I think.... I need a change.  About the only thing I seem to be able to control in my life lately is my hair color, so off I went. 

Jessica-  what do you want to do today.
Me- I am radical.   I turn 43 today and it will never get more appropriate to do something wild with my hair so lets do it... blonde highlights.
Jessica-  Are you sure?

So.... 2 hours later I walk out and look in the mirror and think you know.. maybe a tattoo would have been a better way to show my  rebellion for my  lifestyle stress lately.  Atleast then I could put it on my  butt or someplace that on one else has to look at.

It looks kinda "skunkish..."

I walk in the house.  None of the kids even notice it, or atleast they had the manners not to say anything.

Debbie- Well, Randy, what do you think?
Randy- Well.......  uh.... it is... nice.
Debbie- You are LYING.

So, I lived with it for a day. I made it BIG.I made it small.  I made it short.I made it tall.  ( that was for you Dana.)   

Tonight , I came out of the grocery store with it pouring down rain.  It looked pretty trashy by the time I got home. I know, I dont get stuck in the rain much but in Randy's church they throw water..... what if I get caught in the line of water flinging off palm branches and have to leave church looking like I an in the next edition of Jerry Springer?  

So, I have already spent the first two days of my forty- third year of my life looking like two totally different people.   For a brief second I thought how cool it would be to have an alter personality. Then , when people make me mad, I could be rude. I could say no, I dont have time. I have to go watch Nascar... or something...  

But instead, I will continue to say " yes , I will".  I will continue to wear my hair the same way I have for years.   I will be the old faithful Debbie, ready to give everyone exactly what they expect including my hair style and hair color...    

( I am seriously thinking about that butt tattoo though.. I could totally carry that off.  If I didnt have to show someone else my butt, that might be an option.  Hmm.. I probably couldn't even do that.  I would feel guilty and sad for the tatooer .   Maybe I will just get a few of those temporary tattoos that you get wet and stick on and wear off with a few baths.  I think I will get spider man or something.  Boy, I am a rebel.  I am excited . I will get one while in Mississippi this weekend, I bet they have good tattoo vending machines.   )  


reece&dana said...

Be careful with those temporary tattoos. I used one once to, uh, capture my hubby's attention. Turned out, I was allergic and didn't quite garner the "reaction" I had anticipated.

Foreversongbird said...

You do realize that if you get a tatoo on your bottom, unless you are really limber, you'll have to have someone put that one on you as well. Hmmm, that could be interesting.....depending on what you decide on, could be little panther pawpads climbing all over...well you get the idea...

Rita said...

Girl, I know of a girl who is getting her tattoo license and is asking for "skin" to practice on for free......:)