Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Squirrel Sage Continues

So, last year Randy was working on the house and a squirrel went in a hole he was patching.   For days, he would go out there and just look at the hole trying to figure out how to get the squirrel to come out.  One morning when I went out there, he had a two by four propped up to the hole and peanuts stationed at intervals down the board.  I said Randy, what are you doing? He replied as serious as could be " trying to get the squirrel to come out."  My friends laughed and laughed about Randy's antics to get that squirrel out of the house.  

Now, fast forward this year.   

Randy put up a squirrel feeder ,I mean.. a bird feeder.   Every time we looked out there was a gymnast squirrel hanging from the feeder enjoying his birdie goods.  He would walk out there and make a loud noise, he would stare out the window until finally he put a trap out there. He had peanuts all in  the trap.   Every few minutes he would get up to peer out the window.  " Look Debbie, he is almost in there..."  " See... he wants those peanuts."  When the squirrel finally went in he was as excited as a little boy waiting on the ice cream truck.   He took it to the park and let it out.  

So... here is my thought.  The squirrel either was totally ticked that Randy did that back and came back to haunt him.. OR... one of the other 100 squirrels in our yard decided to play the next trick.   

Last night at 7 pm Randy came in from the store and said "Debbie, come here, look!"  As I walked into the kitchen, I saw it.  The squirrels little tail was prancing around my bathroom as though it belonged there. IN THE BATHROOM !   It was a small squirrel.  I am thinking probably the baby of the one that Randy trapped the other day and took to the park.   As it noticed us watching it ran under the counter.  

Randy promptly closed the door and went to get his trap.  After putting his trap in the room he realized the squirrel could squeeze under the door so he went outside and got stepping stones and put along the bottom of the door.   All night-- it stayed like this.

At 8:15 animal control came in to pick up the squirrel.   He took the cage he brought into the bathroom and closed the door.  I really wanted to take pictures of this --- but I didnt get to.  Randy said " just go outside and take them through the window. There are steps there already."  I am thinking I must have missed Randy standing on steps outside peering through the window to catch a glimpse of the squirrel. That too, would have been a kodak moment.  ( I know.. I am mean.)   

Ten minutes later the animal control guy came out of the bathroom with the squirrel in the cage. The kids couldnt see it. I didnt ask him to uncover it so they could see.  I mean, I think the squirrel was ok, but what if it wasn't.   

That is how our morning started off in preschool.

I dont know if the kids learned anything but I did.

1.   I NEVER use the upstairs restroom. NEVER.  I will now make MORE trips up there to clean  it.  Goodness know the man in the house doesnt.

2.   I want to redecorate the upstairs bathroom. It is done in lighthouses from Randy's house when we got married.  It never bothered me because I didnt go up there. Now, it does..

3. Always keep a chip in the camera ready for squirrel watching ... or watchers.  :)

4.  The animal control guy says if it happens again to use peanut butter. Boy ,do we have spoiled squirrels.  They no longer want peanuts ,they prefer it processed into peanut butter? I wonder if it matters if it is creamy or crunchy?

All in  a days work.

I can wait to wake up each day now to see what squirrel adventure awaits us next! 

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Rita said...

I love it.I'm not the only person with wild life in the bathroom...:)