Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is This a Sign of a Heart Attack?

Ok, I never thought in my life what I would google "signs of a heart attack, woman" and try to self diagnose whether I am having little signs of heart problems or just anxiety, or maybe even just a french  fry stuck in my throat. But.. I did.

Life is too busy right now. Here are my thoughts on everything I have going on.

I have been given 25,000 to start a state wide association.   What in heavens name made me think I would want to do this?  I realized in the nomination process  that I was going to be in the middle of several wonderful professional women like myself.. ( haha)  that will probably be going through menopause or PMS'ing at the same time.   Women can be emotional.  Can I deal with this when I have so much going on?  

College hours.   I am finishing my degree mainly for myself so I wont have to explain anymore that I do not have one.  Why?  Who cares? If they keep me this busy as uneducated as I am, what will happen when I actually have credentials?  Why do I need to study ancient art to be a great preschool teacher and why did all the artist like nudity so much. I totally could have been a model back then, they did like well rounded girls.... well, you know what I mean.  Arkansas history - I didnt realize I grew up in a place that was so pivotal in the civil rights movement.  Pschology -  I wont do spell check - s0.... see, how much trouble I am in ? I have been in this class for 10 weeks and STILL cant even spell the name of the class.

Concert. Yes, we have 64 of them so far.  That's all I am sayin.

Arkansas Childrens Week -  I am coordinating efforts for the Siloam Springs area. It is going to be very cool and fun .  There will be two large events - one hosted by family childcare providers and one by Arkansas Better Chance providers.  I hope we have clowns and I hope I am not one of them.

There are so many conferences that I need to be at in the next 3 months it is CRAZY.  One is this weekend.  I am the president, so I have to be there. I am teaching a session on FCC so, if I dont show up it will be noticed.   Can I just be irresponsible once?  

I went on a study tour last week. I am thinking of changing curriculum models to Reggio Emelia.  To be totally honest, I am not sure I have the energy right now.  I put so much time into the classroom now, I am not sure I can give more.  The Reggio Emelia style would require much documentation.  

Documentation - that is what I need ---one more thing to keep up with.

Taxes.... I havent even thought about them yet.  Ugh....

So,  I am pretty sure the quirks I have been feeling are anxiety...  If not, I did meet with an advisor last week to get insurance coverage for heart attacks.   No, there is not anything I can give up at this point. but soon.... I will. 

School will be out.
Concerts will be concerting... :)
I will be hanging out in the lap of luxury at a motel 6 before we know it ! 

Ahh......   There goes that french fry feeling again !  


Anonymous said...
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Ms Debbie said...

Comment deleted. Danielle , are you SURE you want everyone to back track to your blog? Maybe you would prefer to comment anonymous? :)

Rita said...

How funny...once again you and I are on the same track. About three weeks ago I was convinced I was going to die--but a couple of rolaids fixed it. Thankfully!

Brenda Hall said...

WELL, I guess this explains why you did not return my friend's phone message about judging a pageant with me in a few weeks!!?? It gives ME chest pains just reading your agenda.....girl, how DO you do it all??!!