Monday, April 27, 2009

Gearing up for the Motel 6 Tour

Yes, it is that time again.  Ugh...

Randy seriously thinks I am going to play this washboard.  Does anyone remember Lulu on Hee Haw? I will NOT be playing this washboard.

He has the truck ready for all our equipment.   He is excited. HE... is excited.


reece&dana said...

I think you should play this the next time you sing a solo at church. It would add to the "blended worship" motif.

Ms Debbie said...

Dana, I mean, is there anything about me that says" she would LOVE playing a washbaord?" Ummm.. I stretched my self today and did a meeting without BIG HAIR, I be darned if I start toting a washboard while I sing. Maybe he thinks I have been so stressed out , I am up for anything! NO! NO! NO!