Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today I Must Clean

We have been home since Wednesday and I still haven't gotten the motivation to get all our " stuff" put away and clean house.  If I had a good way to describe my house right now ( I mean rather than just saying it is a PIT) I would say PILES. There are PILES in every corner.  From where I sit right now I see piles of mailbox magazines ( LOVE THOSE) , scrapbooks, guitars, clean- folded clothes, paperwork ( ugh) jewelry that I have worn the last few days ( wierd I know, but my room is also a pit so I placed them here in the living room) , mail.. the list goes on and on.  I have decided that today is the day I am planning to purge.  I went out to eat with Danielle last night to meet her mother in law to be and I made a comment that my house was AWFUL  . Danielle replied no offense mom, but you could clean all day, have it spotless and it still wouldnt look clean, you have too much stuff? What!!?!?!? Too much STUFF! But  I LOVE my stuff. I even added to it a little on the trip.  Just like in my later years  I discovered that I was attracted to older men, I have discovered that I love bright eclectic things in my home.   I have the playrooms at the back of the house , my kitchen is yellow, my dining room is red... you get the picture is a very colorful home.  So today this is my mission.

I will PURGE. 

I will PURGE.

I will develop a sense of style and organization in my home.

I am starting at the front of the house and DEpiling my home.  The scrapbooks are going in the memory closet ( Yes it is an actual closet for my memories, I will blog about it one day.)  Everything will find it's special spot.  I will evaluate do I REALLY NEED it and does it say what I want it to say.   For instance, I on our trip I bought a cute box that has rolled magazine pages all over it.  It is AWESOME.  It doesnt really go with my other stuff. So, I will find a spot for it or I will take away everything else that makes it seem like it doesnt fit.  (  Now, that sounds crazy!)  I am going to get a large cardboard box and just start taking things away.  How dare Danielle say my house doesnt look clean! I will show her. 

I wish I could get rid of this ugly flowered couch that was Randys mothers. I mean, people save bibles- but couches?  

I think it would look better too if I ditched the drapes and let the sun shine in.

Nobody really looks under the chairs anyway, right?

Maybe I need to call the girl that helps me clean my house.

Ugh... I better get busy.


Michaele said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment so I could find YOURS!

Ah, the big PURGE. We have to do it every other year or so (military family), but enjoy knowing that what we sell or donate to charity is being used and appreciated by someone else, instead of just being "stored" in piles by us.

And getting rid of those piles? **whisper whisper** Just makes more room so when you find another treasure, you can bring it home!

Heh heh heh, it's a vicious cycle!


MemoryMaker said...

I just found your comment!~ I did purge two boxes full from two rooms. So, why already is it dirty again?