Monday, September 15, 2008

Brown Bear , Brown Bear- What do you See?

This week we start a unit on colors. We read about colors, we wear certain colors on color day. Some of the fun activities I have planned are:

1. I took a muffin tin and put color stickers in the bottom of each section. The children use the tin to sort color bears, pom poms ( with strawberry hullers) and anything else they want to sort.

2. We will play color and shape bingo.

3. We will finger paint .

4. We will build with colorful uniifx cubes.

5. We will play go fish with color cards.

6. We will go on a color walk.

7. We will sort and eat skittles.

8. We will make a Brown Bear Brown Bear book to take home.

9.We will make color collages.

10. We will song color songs.


Lyrics Adapted by Tim Christenbury

We will have tons of fun this week with colors !   


reece&dana said...

A blue horse? A purple cat? Oh, my!

Jessica said...

Oh I see! THIS is the blog where you admit to feeding the kids sugar!! (j/k) SKITTLES?! ;)