Tuesday, September 30, 2008

School and Life

I have been thinking all day that I need to blog. I haven't in a while and I would probably just feel better.   I have had this struggle though.   This started out as a personal blog during the summer when Randy and I were traveling doing music.  Now that school has started it is more about preschool than anything.   So, what direction do I take ? I have friends that read and like to hear about my life, lack of one, or just the craziness that has party's in my head at times. Then I have teacher friends that I know read to network classroom ideas and fun.   Is this personal or business or both?  

I guess tonight will be both.

I am so anxious tonight.  Danielle called and asked would I still be up at 9:30 when she gets off work that she and Justin want to talk to me.   What in the world couldn't wait until tomorrow?  She cant be pregnant. He has only been home less than a week. I mean, I guess theoretically she could be , but that isnt it.   My heart tells me she is going to ask me how I feel about her going back to Hawaii with him and foregoing the wedding in December. I mean, I think they would still get married right away.  My heart says they want to elope. I might be totally wrong. Why did she even call me to get this all stirred up. Why didnt she just show up tonight?   If that is what she wants- how do I feel about this?  How do I feel that the daughter that I have raised to play princess  will not have the fairytale wedding?Am I hurt ? Am I glad I will save some money?   Will she regret it later?   So many questions. I am trying to settle this in my head before she gets here.   Funny thing. She may walk in and say " Can I use your car next week?" 

Cant they just be four again?

Speaking of fours.  This week has been pretty productive.   I think as you get older you become more seasoned and it all makes sense. I do not believe in flash  card / rote teaching for this age group.  Since school started we have been writing a morning message. Today is..... I am pretty sure they can read Today and is as isolated words  now.  So.... why not make up a list of small sight words that I manage to use in my morning messages for a few weeks at a time. They learn to "read" them in that context.  We get to the end of the year and we have learned 20 -25 sight words.  Yeah.....  Now, I am getting it.  It is possible to stay true to my beliefs on how I feel preschoolers should be taught but reach the academic goals that schools and parents like to see us attain.  

Ok, two more hours before Danielle is here with whatever news she has to tell me that is making me ill at the moment.  

Oh yeah, the engagement party. I think it went well. I cleaned and cleaned the house.  As Danielle likes to say- your house isnt dirty you just have too much stuff.  So, I destuffed and moved and got on my hands and knees and scrubbed.  The house was looking and smelling great.   I decorated the outside for fall. Randy brought the fire pit to the front.   I had tables set up for food and even had calla lillies ( the flower she has picked for her wedding) for decor.  As everyone arrived somethings became very clear.

1. I have some very good friends and family.
2.  I might like Justin after all, I think we just got a bad start.
3.  Justin's mom and sister blended really well with our family.
4.  Hardly no one came in the house at all...... ugh.  I wasted a lot of time cleaning.
5.  I completely forgot the cheese tray in the fridge.
6.  I think they really love each other and that is all that matters.

Ok.. now back to worrying about tonight.


reece&dana said...

Okay -- so now I'm worried with you. You HAVE to blog to tell us what's up!

Kelly said...

I agree with Dana! Also, we walked by your house this morning and your porch looks great!

AdamandKaylasmommy said...

You know you have to update right???

MemoryMaker said...

Update - They are considering having a JP marry them before he leaves and then a marriage celebration on the 18th as planned. Their reasoning made sense. WE all had a great talk, even about where God belongs in their marriage. I think it will all be ok.

Deanna Davis said...

when does he leave? are we talking soon? and they'd still have the big wedding HERE, or in Hawaii? and when is she moving back there? are you alright? i'm not looking forward to my kids having free will. just so you know.