Monday, September 8, 2008

This week we are exploring shapes. During free choice time we used things we found around our room to make a beautiful picture with circles.Outside, Randy took us on a walk in the yard to find things that are shaped like a circle. These stepping stones are a circle. This morning at 7 am they were still in my playroom holding down the new adhesive on our " carpet fix." Hint - If you have adhesive that holds down anything bleach WILL dissolve it . :)

Circle Wreath

Circle Walnut

The kids wanted to see what was in it. Randy cracked it open . His hands will be yellow for a week. YUK!

Another Stepping stone.

The bird house has a circle.
We learn all day in so many different fun ways. The children will go home tonight with a circle note asking their parents to join them on a circle hunt at home.

Now- on a personal note. Ever feel like you go in circles all day? I spent the weekend getting groceries and cleaning house. As soon as I got one area clean another area was messy? How is that when Randy and I are the only ones here?


Teacher Sheryl said...

Oh, I do know that feeling of going around in circles!

Juliann said...

I love the circle walk. I am planning to do regular "looking" walks with my class this year.