Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just thoughts

I am WAY TOO TIRED to really blog today but I somehow find this therapeutic so here I am. I didnt get near enough sleep this weekend while in Texas but still find myself here at work. Isn't it funny how being an adult doesnt allow you to just STOP the world while you play catch up ? I was already planning my day which included a quiet day with the kids, a grocery run and then an early to bed night. Then I opened my email and was reminded I have a meeting this afternoon. That means, RUSH RUSH RUSH as soon as the kids are leaving to the U of A campus. I actually like these people I get to meet with , I just wish it was tomorrow. So, during nap I touched up my makeup and changed clothes. I am the only provider that comes it this meeting so I TRY to look a little more professional. Today that meant, changing out of my crocs - which by the way happened to be one black shoe and one navy one. I have come to realize that this year will be the year of wardrobe malfunctions.

Here is a piece of my randomness for the day/ weekend.

1. I thought JBU kids sign a covenant saying they wont drink. Interesting. Seem they are just like all the U of A college kids I know - and yes, I am including my own daughter in that.

2. One of our servers from the wedding reception asked Danielle to dance and when she would be back in Texas I had watched him watch her all night. He didnt even try to be sly about it. Geez... when did those kind of compliments stop happening for me. Can we have a replay please?

3. Some three year olds are not ready for scissors yet. I DID get them away before the haircut commenced.

4. Randy really missed me while I was gone.

5. When you shop in Ross for two hours if someone hits your car and damages it - too bad.

6. I hope it rains tonight.

7. Randy is doing really well on his diet, I better get busy. flash forward to the wedding in December. " which one is your mom , Danielle?" Oh.. the one that is so fat she looks like a chinese when she smiles..." ugh.

OK, I have let the kids sleep an extra 12 minutes, so I better get them up now and then out the door for me by three.

When is the next three day weekend?


adamandkaylasmommy said...

I know the feeling. I have been so busy this weekend that I havent had time to blog about it. Maybe I will just make a list like you did.

MemoryMaker said...

List are easier... I will look for yours!