Friday, September 5, 2008


Geneviette got to come hang out in preschool today.  I had a little one gone and seized the opportunity to have her with me.   It takes a little more energy but it is well worth it.   Sometimes it makes me sad that I am having such a great time with all the other little short guys and my own granddaughter  is watching TV  and playing by herself.  She will be old enough to be here all the time next year and I hope that works out. 

Being a grandma is fabulous.

She pained a picture for her daddy and was so proud. I didnt even care that she mixed my paint colors.

She sat with me in my chair at nap time and would whisper " Shhh.. the kids are sweeping."

She ate her supper and then insisted on licking the butter in the little souffle cup. And.. I let her.

She went with me to pick up Kaitlyn from school and yelled " surprise" when she opened the door.

After all the kids left for the day she walked around saying... where kids? I think she believes with all her heart that they live here.

I changed her hair bow THREE  times!

" Who do you love?"  MIA MIA MIA!!!!!!!!!
When I dropped her off at home-- for the first time ever... she cried.  " I want to go to Mias."  Her mommy hadn't seen her all day, so I didnt persist but it broke my heart.  Those little blue eyes looked at me and it was all I could do to fight back the tears. Good thing I am alone now.

Geneviette, I love you and always will.  You will always be my first favorite beautiful gift from God grandbaby.


Teacher Sheryl said...

You will love having Geneviette in your class! I had my nephew in my 2's class a few years ago and then they moved across the country. I was so sad! Well, they only lasted a year and returned. I had my niece in my 2's class last year and this year she will be in my 3's class. It is so special! I saw her today at soccer and she told me she wants to paint a butterfly on our first day Monday. I will cherish this year with her.

Rhinehart Land said...

Wow, :) She's getting so big and more beautiful everytime I see her! :)

MemoryMaker said...