Saturday, November 22, 2008

It all boils down to this...

I have been a wee bit stressed lately. Not to the point where I am sitting in a corner rocking back and forth ----just a nice slow--- eat a cheeseburger and gorge on ice cream pace. Things are going really well in school. I have had to change the schedule yet again. Seems Peter in Little Rock doesn't really know what Paul ( in the next office in Little Rock ) is doing - therefore my schedule for my kiddos keeps getting adjusted. Yes, I am my own boss BUT to meet quality standards I need to have the least amount of transitions possible and still be within the time limits that everyone else expects. Difficult ? Yes. Impossible? No.

We have been having a lot of fun doing Thanksgiving activities. I don't like to use coloring sheets but the kids enjoyed this one where they decorated the turkey feathers with stickers. GREAT fine motor practice. Lots of fall playdough colors ready to be rolled out and cut! The boys in the picture to the right are sorting beads for the Thanksgiving bracelet we made later in the day. It was a lot of fun and after putting it together, most of the kids were able to tell the story of Thanksgiving.

Since we have been talking about things and people we are thank

ful for we have been visiting people in our community that help us. We have went to a doctors office, a grocery store. That was a great one. While we were there we got to visit the baker and the butcher. CHING! Time well spent. We
stopped by a barber shop and a pharmacy. For literacy we made a list before we left and read it as we went along.

We also took our clip boards out one day for a scavenger hunt. What a fun experience!

We have had a wonderful restful weekend. I have done NO work today -at all. It started off great as the preschoolers left and I have this new flip flop couch I bought. I put it down, covered it with bright red new sheets that have a white bear on them and Wah laa! a cute little bedroom for GG. She LOVED it! This is one of my three playrooms . She was so excited and kept saying " This is MY room??" Her weekends here are already like disneyland since she has access to my preschool but now a bed in the middle of it all that is just hers? What a joy! After having pancakes we journeyed to Chucky Cheese , then out to eat, and then toy shopping. She sat in my lap and put her little hands on my face and said " I Wuv you Mia." Wow.... I LOVE being a grandma.

What a wonderful , restful Saturday. This was one that I needed . It all boils down to this -

To stay creative and keep the steam in my engine for my job, I have to be able to shut it off for a while. It doesnt happen often, but today I did it!

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Preschool Playbook said...

I love being able to take the children to neighborhood stores--the grocery store is always my favorite also. They have so much to do there. Thanks so much to the stores for allowing the children to learn so much of what goes on there. Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.