Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Cute! WOW!

I think as a teacher the information you are given is all most too much to wrap your hands around.  I think you grow as a teacher.  Every year I say I feel sorry for the children that came to me the year before.   I like to think I learn every day a better way to be a teacher.... or just a person in general.    

A good example is "introducing centers." When I first heard this I thought what do you mean introduce the centers? Well, the first problem was that I set up my room with "toys' and it pretty much stayed that way all year. Seriously... who wants to play with the same things all day every day. We do this and then we wonder why the children misbehave.  So, first I got smart and started rotating my toys and then I even started "purposefully" placing things in my centers.  For instance, the dramatic play might become a doctors office or ( gasp ,horror) I might move all those old pine cones off the science  center and put a scale and some acorns on the table.  When you move things, you will need to introduce the center so the children will know what is there and how they can use it!  If the children are not writing as much as you want and you don't use worksheets , you might try introducing a doctors note pad to write prescriptions on or a graph to tally acorns.

Here is my epiphany today.

Adam:  Ms Debbie, look I got a compass out of the treasure box.
Ms Debbie.  Cool ( big Smile)
on second thought I add-

Ms Debbie :Adam what is a compass used for?
Adam : So, if you get lost you can get home.
Ms Debbie :  You are right Adam, do you see some letters on the compass?

etc.....  this went on for a while.

Many Many times today I found the opportunity to extend language by conversations the children initiated with me.  In my language experiences I was also able to discuss letters, counting, science and more.

I have always heard ask open ended questions.. but do I practice it as much as I should? Or.. it is easier just to say " cool" or " wow, I like that."  

I guess, I could also extend that in my grown up life.  You know... when I see people at walmart and say " Hi, how are you?" Actually wait for an answer... 


AdamandKaylasmommy said...

It sounds like you have so much fun all of the time. Is there an age limit for Pre-K? I think I would like to quit my job and come learn and play!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Great!! I need to change my nature center around more. I rotate toys and change the puppet area, but I don't usually switch-a-roo the creation stuff. Thanks!

Open-ended questions...are great...but be ready for some of the answers!! Might need a video camera handy all the time!! ;-)