Sunday, August 31, 2008

Road Trip --- treadmill???!!!!!!!

OK, what about road trip and treadmill are synonymous?  How about.. nothing.   More about that later, lets start from the beginning.

Danielle and I left Siloam Saturday morning for Bill Halls wedding in Richardson , Texas.  The day started out pretty early-  ohhh about 5:30.  For some reason I woke up super early .  Danielle, as usual, fell asleep on the couch and she was not real happy about my early rising.  Randy got up when I did and we tried to keep our conversations quiet. I think at one point Danielle said " I want to cut my ear drums out, could ya'll please be quiet? "  :)   Isn't it good to get in a great routine and have your grown kids return home to be offended by your maturity?

After Danielle took what seemed HOURS to wash, dry, straighten and straighten and STRAIGHTEN her hair - we left.

She was appalled to find out when we put our bags in the car that we both had zebra print overnight bags.  I mean, the apple ( or animal print in this case ) doesn't fall far from the tree.   She said we are WAY TOO OLD to have matching anything as mother and daughter.  Oh well... too late. I think it is fitting for our last road trip as mother and daughter ( not married ) be REALLY clique.

The trip was 4:19 by our GPS.   We had fun.  Here are my highlights / tips.

1.  When you go to Sonic and usually say keep the change ( meaning SILVER STUFF ) make sure you dont say " keep the change" until AFTER the has handed you the paper stuff. If you dont she will smile  - say ARE YOU SURE_ THANK YOU- and walk away.  

2.  Traveling with an older man on diuretics all summer may make you tend to stop a lot to use the restroom.   Was it that 5.00 diet coke?  Am I getting old?  Have I trained my bladder?

3.   Zebra print dresses are not for BIG GIRLS.

4.  I wonder  why Randy asked me two times do I like the color of our bathroom?  hmm. I am scared.

5.   Africans wear mumu's not Indians.  ( I bought my Halloween costume, much to Danielle's dismay.)

6.  Sam Moon is overwhelming.

7. IKEA is over whelming.

8. You can eat a chicken sandwich at ChickFilA for 3 fat grams.  I am so sad I didnt see the cow.  " Danielle, is all they have here is chicken?". Mom.. here's your sign.

So, here I sit out of the shower from my workout. Yes, workout.  Danielle was determined to work out this morning with me.  Since it is out LAST HOOPLA - I did.  I seriously was thinking that I had enough of a workout from the room to the car to get my tennis shoes. ( WHY DID I BRING THEM ANYWAY???)   I mean, I did have to stand UP to put them on.  My heart rate was up!  Anyway, I walked on the treadmill.  There was a guy on there that had ESPN on the TV. He was very nice. He said " You can change the channel if you want."   Yeah...I can barely breathe and walk there is NO WAY I can do all that AND reach across for the remote.

OK... I feel skinny now.  Wonder what we will do today.  Wedding at 7 pm.


adamandkaylasmommy said...

I'm so glad you two had a good time. My mother and I got really close when I married Todd.

Teacher Sheryl said...

As a mother with a teenage daughter, you are showing me what to expect in the future years! I giggled several times. We just have to laugh, right?