Monday, August 11, 2008

I wanna be like Ms Mary !

I was in trainings all day today.  For the most part it was repeat information.  Most of it was not unbearable although during one presentation the thought crossed my mind that I would rather be eating live snakes!  ugh..  That was bad, I know. Sorry.  But please, if you want to use a power point make it interesting. I can read ! If that is all you plan to do, give it to me and send me on my way .


In one of my meetings I won a book. Even thought I didn't sleep well in the hotel last night and had a long drive home I picked it up and I am in love!  This new book is wonderful!  It is called " play" by Lisa Murphy.   I passionately believe that children learn through play. I get so tired of explaining why we don't use worksheets or hear a kindergarten teacher say - I need  you to get them ready for me ! Teach them their letters, how to stand in line, carry their lunch tray and oh yeah.. don't forget their addresses and phone numbers.  

From the introduction in this book, I was reminded that I want to be like Ms Mary.  Here is an excerpt.

" She opened the door and stepped out onto the porch.  She was Miss Mary. My new teacher- my first teacher.   She smiled as I scampered up the walkway to the front door. She bent down on my level and looked right at me . " Come on in." she said " Let me show you what we do here."  She took my hand and we walked through the front door and into the world she created in that old house So many things to do and see were waiting there just for me!  ......

She goes on to describe the things in her first day of school. The red checkered table cloth, the backyard complete with mudpies and then snack.  Her favorite snack was unusual - pepperjack cheese.  Guess what Ms Mary served that day!  You guessed it - PEPPER JACK CHEESE !  Ms Mary had called her mom  to find out what her favorite snack was.  She said " A Two minute phone call that made a life long impact!"

"  Many  teachers become teachers because of a teacher they had.   At some point in their educational experience they were blessed with someone who took some extra time, went  that extra mile, offered support and encouragement and did something that made a life long impact.

Remember this and take it to heart.  NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPACT OF WHAT YOU DO!" At any give moment of any given day you could make a lasting impressing on someone. You could be the facilitating a crystallizing moment!  YOU could be their Miss Mary ! YOU could be their pepper jack cheese!

I became a teacher because of Miss Mary. The precious time I was able to spend in the magical place she had created is what inspired me to become what I am today. I , too, wanted a school in an old house with a huge yard where I could give back what I got during my mornings with Miss Mary.

As I grew up, I vowed to someday create a place for children where they could explore, create and simply be. Not be " getting ready" for something, not " hurried up",  not be forced or pressured to develop past their years.   But simply... be. " 

Isn't this book great?  The other day on the MSN homepage they had an article called "too sexy too soon?"  Do we really wonder why?  We want to potty train babies at 9 months, have them reading by 3 and reciting states and capitals by 5.  Can't they just enjoy being kids and learn the things that kids learn through play?  

I wanna be like Ms Mary.


Teacher Sheryl said...

I want to be like Ms. Mary, too! I so agree with the importance of play and not using worksheets!

Juliann said...

I have really enjoyed Lisa Murphy's work. We are having her here in October to do a one day workshop for a group I belong to and this summer I watched one of her videos and listened to a lecture on CD and got very inspired again. Have you gone to her website? She has some great resources.

MemoryMaker said...

I am motivating myself today. Read a chapter, work an hour... read a chapter.. work an hour. heehe...

I havent went to her website yet but I will!

Sherri said...

Amen sisterfriend! I too want to be like Ms. Mary. I have been working on my classroom all week. Looking at books and supplies and setting up centers. (we homeschool.. but I did teach in the public school system years ago.)

Hi! You commented on my blog.. and said we have met at the library. I look forward to getting to know you better!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Amen, girl!!