Thursday, August 7, 2008

Silver Dollar City

Randy and I decided that today would be the day that we take Geneviette, the granddaughter , to Silver Dollar City in Branson , MO. We had another motive to get there this week. The childrens' festival ends soon and we wanted to see the kids shows hoping they spark something for our concert tour next summer. We went through a storm on our way but it was clear when we got there. We had told GG she could ride a train. She thought the parking trolley was the train and LOVED it. We could have driven two hours back home and she would have been satisfied. Maybe we should have..... Silver Dollar City has a mommy blog to give hints and advice for moms that are planning a visit. They should have me as a guest writer.

1. If you bring a bag to carry small things - remember the key should be small. The bag will get heavier as the day rolls on.

2. Rent a stroller. ( That was the BEST idea we had all day. ) Make sure the bag you bring has long enough handles to hang on the stroller.

3. If you RUSH to get to the first train ride. Make sure your hubby goes TT BEFORE getting in line. If not, you may miss that ride.

4. When taking a 2 year old through a cool toy store , before leaving check her stroller for stolen objects. YIKES!

5. Bring an umbrella if the rain chances are "scattered showers" that may be translated into Torential down pours! ( Not good for a girl with BIG hair and LOTS of hairspray!)

6. If you are sitting in a show and your grand daughter is sitting on your lap and you feel a warm sensation running down your legs. Be scared. ( Also, Great thing you packed HER three outfits and you none.)

7. Make sure you look at the calendar and come on a day when all the kiddie rides, the magician AND the animals are ALL there and working.

8. If you just started a diet AGAIN. maybe you should SKIP THE CANDY FACTORY!

9. But above all make sure your child or BEAUTIFUL grand child has a great time and feels like a princess and her smile will make it all worthwhile.


Teacher Sheryl said...

Your granddaughter is precious!!!

MemoryMaker said...

Thanks! In preschool I always smiled as grandparents told me how smart their grandchild was.... Now, I am one of them. Mine is BRILLIANT!

Deanna said...

What????!! No hair bow???!!! lol - she's a cutie!