Friday, August 22, 2008

" Ms Debbie, you look tired"

So, I made it to the end of our first week. Ahhh... Everyone take a deep breath and say ahhhhh with me. Even really great days can be exhausting. Actually GREAT days should probably be more exhausting than days that turn out bad. KNow why ? Great days means I am MOVING and PLAYING.... One of the new moms came in yesterday and said " Ms Debbie, you look tired." It really bothered me that she had that observation on day 2 of school. So, I reflected. Was I really , really tired? Or, maybe it was that I didnt put on that heavy eye liner I usually wear. That tends to make my eyes look different. Or, maybe it was that my jean capris had a hole ALL THE WA Y DOWN THE POCKET that went unnoticed until I stopped in at the neighbors to ask them to go out to eat with us and Keith pointed it out. Seriously, it looks like if I have a huge hole large enough to hide one of the children in someone tell me to go change clothes. Also , why was the neighbor man checking out my rear and my  husband didnt notice all day.   And... lastly, how did I miss this hole when I got dressed? So... we are back to " Ms Debbie, you look tired." Maybe... just maybe.. I was. :)


Teacher Sheryl said...

I am LOLing at this! When anyone says I look tired, it's because I didn't put my eye makeup on. It makes such a difference!


MemoryMaker said...

Are you SURE it is your eye makeup? Check your pants! :)