Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bathing with Sunglasses On

 I am FINALLY home .  I have been in my own bed 2 out of the last 7 days.  It all sounds like fun and games but it really isn't . I like to be home .   I do enjoy small little trips here and there but not out for this length of time and all for business.

This all started when Randy and I went to Hot Springs for the Arkansas Early Childhood Association.  We went. We sang. We networked. We learned.   We listened. We left.   We did spend an extra day there for just hubby and wifey bonding and that was nice.

I was home for ONE day and then headed  back to central Arkansas for an Arkansas Early Childhood Commission.  I was appointed by a state representative and I still am not sure what all I do.   I attend meetings and listen.  We have regulatory control over the licensing division.  This I do know. They put me up in a nice hotel suite, cater lunch and I get to hear all the new and exciting things going on in Arkansas for children.

Wednesday I head out to Ferndale 4H Center for a  2 day mentoring conference. I will be mentoring a program in Farmington this year and this was the orientation to kick it all off.  LOTS of listening. LOTS of things that didnt pertain to family childcare.   One fun thing we did do was visit a couple " quality" sites .  "excuse me mam... that baby over there is falling out of her crib"  " Umm.... does the kleenex box on top of a toilet paper holder mean you are all out?"  YIKES!  Ok, now I must admit.  If someone called me and told me that 50 people wanted to tour my place and 10 of those are "experts" on "quality approval" I would think twice about saying " Sure, come on in!"  No one is perfect....( But if I knew we were coming I would be so close to it I could taste it!)

I get home. 
Randy acts like a 3 year old running with his arms in the air saying  " We missed you!!!!!"  It feels good to be missed.  

I am SO tired. I went to take a hot bath in my own bathtub.

I start to soak and reach to run my fingers through my hair only to realize that I had my sunglasses  on top of my head.  

I must be tired.


Teacher Sheryl said...

I love it!!! I am a homebody, too. No matter how much I love my job and everything else, my favorite place is home.

AdamandKaylasmommy said...

Sooo glad your home! I have been having Debbie withdrawls. I really look forward to the afternoon blog entries to help speed up my afternoon in the office. Have fun with all the kiddos today!

reece&dana said...

But your hair is big enough to support the sunglasses without them falling into the bubbles, so it's okay.