Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random- ness learning

It seems each day that passes we are getting a little more in our routine so it doesnt feel so rushed. Those great days give me the opportunity to "add" something to our learning environment. Today I added a couple new things. This is a mini scrapbook . I laminated small pictures of the kids ( walmart Kodak machine under ID's ) and laminated their name.

I used velcro dots to make an intereactive book for name recognition. I got this great idea from another smart teacher friend of mine - Linda! Thanks Linda.

We used the gourds that we did watercolor paintings of to explore with scales today.

If you have wondered how Clara is doing since her campfire incident - Here she is! She is back at school and doing pretty much all we do. Since she has skin grafts above her hand she is limited in the water table but other than that she is great. Oh yeah, in case you wondered she said she " LOVES SPAGHETTI"

Another thing I did today was introduce mini clip boards. Each child has their own board and it "lives" in their cubby. We talked about how the clip board could be used in each center. In housekeeping it could be used for a waitress to take orders or a doctor to write notes. In science you can draw what is on the table. They children LOVED these little boards. They were writing all over the place. Here is Mykah copying names off cubbies.

Katie in the dress up room.

Rosie taking notes with Adam. He is the princess construction guy.
All in all it was as great day. I LOVE to see them get excited about learning. This is a huge reminder to me that their environment needs to change often to keep them motivated.

Yeah for a good day - EVEN with the rain.


AdamandKaylasmommy said...

LOL... Should I be concerend? =)

Do you think if I published that picture in the paper his senior year of high school he would get mad?

MemoryMaker said...

I think it would make an excellent black mail pic. I can get a really good one if you want. That is his favorite outfit for the week. Usually it is a pink construction hat though.... :)

Juliann said...

Love the clipboards. I make them for my students using a piece of sturdy cardboard and a binder clip. We use them all the time and then they can take them home at the end of the year. I just love it when they ask for a clipboard. Check for a book in the library titled Night Letters. It is about a little girl who writes letters to the backyard creatures and it is a great bridge between observation and writing. EnJOY!

Teacher Sheryl said...

I, too, love clipboards! I love your interactive book!