Wednesday, October 1, 2008


As I went back and read my last couple posts I realized how dramatic and pitiful my life sounded when it is everything but.  

I dealt with today the normal way.  eatting.
Then, I went and got all my hair chopped off.  
At the BEAUTY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! There will be a blog to follow later on that.

It was like I was on a journey to punish myself all night. 

I even laughed that I might go table dancing. Of course, that would be punishing everyone else.. and... the table.

I came home and there stands Randy with all our equipment in the middle of the livingroom and he is practicing one of our new songs , playing the guitar and humming on a kazoo.  We have a show in Jacksonville this weekend.  

I realize

I think tonight I didnt lose a daughter, I gained a new son.
A friend reminded me that Danielle was only doing what her mom has taught her- to stay two steps ahead.
I have a wonderful life and I just added another person that I can share that with ( who can also share all Danielle's bills with me! )

So, as an ending to my day that I seemed to want to make bad....  here is a gentle reminder of what Randy and I will be doing this weekend at the Jacksonville WingDing Festival.  If the thought of us doing this in front of thousands of people doesn't make you laugh.... then you are worse off than I am!


Teacher Sheryl said...

I love it! I am laughing only because it gives me warm, happy memories of when my kids did that dance in kindergarten. I loved it!

AdamandKaylasmommy said...

WHAT??? You went to the beauty school? Seriously.... do you need to borrow some money? =) Did you know that Holly is at the beauty school? She wont even let anyone cut her hair yet, and she goes there!
Good for you for thinking of gaining a son instead of loosing a daughter. My mom and I are still VERY close, the only difference is that she prefers Todd over myself!