Monday, October 27, 2008

Dad and Me Pumpkin Painting

Tonight the dads and kids all returned to our room to paint pumpkins. I have never done this activity and was a little apprehensive BUT ! It turned out wonderful! The picture to the right is how the night ended. And no, I haven't made my way downstairs yet to begin cleanup. Seems our 3D art shelf was not a bit excited about the weight of the pumpkins. This mishap has left me a bit " less excited" myself. See.. someone has to clean up this mess before the children return in the morning... yeah.. me. But so I don't leave you with that yucky feeling - let me show you some fun we had tonight.

As the dads came in I realized pretty quick that the room was going to be FULL! It was Ok. We moved and adjusted as we needed to. Earlier in the day the kids had picked out their perfect pumpkin from the group. We supplied the pumpkins and it was interesting to hear them decide which pumpkin they wanted and why. Of course the boys always want the BIGGEST.. why is that? After picking which one we weighed each pumpkin and then we lined them up on the table in sequential order. Lots of learning going on.

Yes, that is a pickle nose. Randy decided that adding a few vegetables to the mix might be interesting. And it was....

Nothing sweeter...

It was a great night. I am already looking forward to next year.

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Nadine Marksteiner said...


You have really nice pictures. You should go to and upload your pictures and turn them into fridge magnets and send them to all your family and friends. It would make a great Christmas gift!