Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hot Springs Weekend

I think I just need to rename my blog to " Random" instead of " Memorymakers" . It seems lately unless it is a blog of our day in preschool that I try to cram so much in one little entry.  I guess that is how my life rolls lately.  Kinda reminds my of my jeans.... yeah. Think about that one.  :)

Randy and I left out Thursday evening for a trip to Hot Springs for the Arkansas Early Childhood Associations Annual meeting.  We were asked to entertain before a key note.  The goal was to get everyone a little loosened up and ready to sit for 2 hours and listen to research on what makes a quality childcare setting.  As usual ,  the day before every single song that we practiced Randy forgot the words. This isnt unusual and he does always pull through. He works best under pressure.  Considering we weren't singing for children and 1000 collegues, I was a little nervous.   Also, as always-  We we left Siloam about 2 hours later than we planned.  How does that always happen? Anywho the concert went great.  We sold some CD's and got a couple more bookings and I am sure paved the way for more great motel 6 journey all over Arkansas.   Randy had a new joke that I am still thinking about. His old joke was our cd's are 10.00 or 3 gallons of gas. Now that gas has went down he changed it.  Our Cd's are 10.00 or 3 cans of hair spray...  hmm....

This was my business trip so I made the hotel reservations. Embassy Suites here we come.  Yep , you got it. If you kept up with our summer gigs you know the Motel 6 was the hotel of choice.  Not this weekend.  We walked in and Randy said.. wow... this is nice. This the what we always stayed on before but I think the run of skanky hotels over the summer made him forget.  I wanted to say " yeah it is but you get to sleep on the floor" .. but I didnt.   I mean how cool is this.? I am IN MY ROOM on the internet and not outside in the parking lot risking my life just hoping to catch a signal.  ugh..Do I really only have 8 months until the next Motel 6 summer?

One night I feel asleep and the song "Open Arms" by journey was on. Do you have a song that can just transport you to a different place in time. This one does it for me every time.  Not that I long for that time / person anymore at all but obviously it/he had a huge impact on my life.   When I hear this song I think of Wayne Shrader.  He was my 10th grade boyfriend . He wore a pink polo ( I am sure he wore other shirts but this is the one I remember )  and he always ALWAYS wore polo colgne.   To this day when I smell that distinctive smell I look around.   To make a long story short I broke up with Wayne at school one day. He went home and took an overdose of medication.  I had not idea and called to check on him and his mother gave me full barrels about how it was all MY FAULT that he was in the hospital. Now, that I am older and more mature, I realize that more than likely there was more going on that our little spat.  But I do believe that situation turned me into a people pleaser- an EXTREME people pleaser.   I know with my children as teenagers there was always that underlying -----  how far would they go with disappointment and sadness therefore I always made it my job to make everyone happy.   Welcome to Debbie's fairytale... ugh.  Enough to make you throw up.  I wonder where Wayne is today and if his mom knows what she did to me?

OK. Randy is back.. I will finish this it home...

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Jessica said...

The term "blog" already alerts the reader to the "random" thing. It's your blog, you can do whatever you want. :)