Monday, October 13, 2008

We're goin on a squirrel hunt....

Today we read the wonderful book Squirrels by Brian Wildsmith.

It was a little "wordy" for my smaller children but we got to

explore new words like drey and look at the magnificent

illustrations. The pictures look watercolored. One of my little

"on the ball" boys even commented that someone painted

the pictures.

Following our story we immediately geared up for a walk outside. We went on a squirrel hunt.

I sit on my porch and watch squirrels play all day. Sometimes even taunting me as they come

close to gnaw my roof. Today.. did we find one? No.

We looked and looked.

We even took our binoculars and didnt see a squirrel one.

In honor of my failure as a teacher and a girl raised in the delta ( yes, I have eaten fried squirrel before) I promptly came in and made the situation worse by giving them a coloring sheet. Yes, it was a black line and totally against my way of teaching. I blame this one on the squirrels.

To commemorate the day - here is one of my favorite songs.

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Juliann said...

I love the binoculars. And I bet over the next few days, a child will see a squirrel somewhere and then come running in to tell you the story. At that point, you will be off again on another squirrel hunt.