Friday, October 10, 2008

Fire Safety Week

Ok, first - I need some instruction on how to make my blog look all pretty and put captions under the picture and all. This is so frustrating. This week has been fire safety/ prevention week. We have had a ton of FIRE SAFE FUN all week and learned some very important things.

We went on a trip to the fire station. The sad part about that trip was we went expecting to see the BIG RED FIRE TRUCK that we talked about all week and all we got to see was the little red ambulance. The BIG RED FIRE truck was at a meeting across town with the captains. I wonder, did they stop and consider that all a group of 4 and 5 year olds really want to see is the Big Red Fire truck anyway... ugh.... BUT! we made the best of it. After all, they risk their life for me. I will let them slide, this time.

We did numerous fire drills. We even learned that if your shoes are off when the alarm goes off , you go to your safe place without them.

We read books about fire fighter.

We pretended to be fire fighters.

We had lunch with a fire fighter . Thank you Katies' dad!

Elliot even cut pieces of small brown construction paper out and glued to make his own fireman. I was IMPRESSED!

We learned to stop , drop and roll.

We learned to crawl UNDER smoke.

Several of the children learned their address this week for safety

Randy did a great culminating activity!

We have been doing fire prevention all week. FIRE safety.... I hear Bianca yell FIRE FIRE!!! They have been playing fire man and Randy is upstairs with them, so I think nothing of it. Moments later several of them come back with roasted marshmellows that have been cooked over an open flame from the gas stove... SERIOUSLY......... I went up there. "Mr Randy.. is this safe? Should we melt marshmellows over the gas stove?" His response. I told them not to do it without their moms.. Somedays I just want to quit. Ok.. NO sappy responses about how cute it is that he made them roasted marshmellows. Those things are only cute if it isnt at your house and it isnt FIRE SAFETY WEEK FOR GRACIOUS SAKE! And he wasn't teaching fire safety so no grandios ideas - he just saw the bag and thought - this would be fun!



Anonymous said...

Got to just love Randy. You should maybe check out for some glam to your blog.

Preschool Playbook said...

So lucky to still be able to visit the fire station, or have them come visit you!!! Our local fire station has been unable to to visitations because not enough volunteers. It'a a part of fire prevention I really miss. I think the children get a lot out of seeing the real thing.

Also, I ready your question on teacher Sheryl's site. It's a good one--about child centered learning. Sometimes I'm afraid to steer away from what I have told the parents, because of their expectations. With your great music background though, I think it is wonderful if you can take children there. They respond to music so much!
Love reading your site!

Juliann said...

What a fun time. I remember one year we put up a map of our town in the dramatic play area along with a bunch of firefighter gear, a phone, a desk, and clipboards. The kids would answer the phone and then go to the map before they took off to put out the fire. Good memories.