Monday, October 6, 2008

Deep and Wide

This morning in church Steve challenged us to go " deep and wide".   We even got to sing the song with hand motions and all. For some, that may have seemed a bit odd in church, but music with hand motions are rampant with our preschoolers. Studies show that adding motions helps the little guys remember the words and keeps them engaged.  It must be true because here I sit at 6:00 am and the first thing that comes to mind is  'Deep and Wide."

Last night we had a Street Party.  We have so many new neighbors and I thought it might be a good idea to get to know everyone a little better. Since I have SO much extra time in my schedule, I made up these cutesy little flier/ invitations and took them door to door.   Last night at 6:00 one by one they all made their way down the side walk to our yard.  First comes my BFF and her family.  We talk about the wedding they went to this weekend.  She said the mother of the bride was wasted.  Hmm.. I think I will skip that part come December.   She talks about going to see " Fire Proof" and how much they enjoyed it.  She is a school teacher and her hubby does taxes.   Then comes the preacher and his family.  I was anxious.  When you have a preacher in the crowd, should you announce " There is a preacher here, watch your mouth!".  I didn't.  I mean, I don't use bad language and last I checked I wasn't the speech police. It was kind of entertaining all night to watch other people " open mouth insert foot."   His little two year old is the cutest!  Let's see, then our next door neighbors came.  Their son brought his guitar and we jammed a little.   Later in the evening our other next door neighbors came. They are so nice .  They are Mexican and El Salvadorian and  she is quite funny.   It was great to  get to know them a little better.  Then comes the couple the walks the wienie dogs.  She goes to Curves with Cindy and I and we didn't even know she lived two doors down .  HOW EMBARRASSING....Throughout the night other neighbors stopped by just to say hi.  A group of kids ( teenagers) down the street heard we were having a party and stopped by to eat.  That was interesting.  Cindy, being a high school teacher jumped right in there to make them feel comfortable.  They even took plates home- for family.

It was really a good night.   

I am glad we had a fall street party.  

I think starting "Deep and wide" in your own neighborhood is a great idea. You don't have to tackle the world to make a difference.  Start with your neighbors.  

I read an article about booing this week and thought what a cool idea!  You can start to get to know your neighbors like this.


Loveandadoor said...

Love the booing idea and the Skip to My Lou blog. Thanks!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Awesome!! Our neighborhood used to do Harvest Festival parties every year. IT was so much fun! We even had a hay ride that went around the block a couple of times. :-)
I'm sure your neighbors really appreciate you!