Thursday, October 2, 2008

A quickie

What a fun day !


Sherri said...

Hi!!.. guess what... I really DO know who you are, I know you said you knew me from the library.. but I am a little slow (probably because I blog in the wee hours... ) anyhow.. I know Randy (from church!) I watched the video.. and so I DO know you.. kind of and hope to know you better! whew
Don't you just love an aha moment.
I have you bookmarked now and so will check in more often.
I plan to go back and read more posts.. but it really is quite late.. I am just thrilled that I finally figured it out. ha.
Thanks for your post earlier on my blog too.. we have good days and bad, but I can't imagine not sharing my time with my kids!
Hope you are having fun this weekend.

reece&dana said...

Love the photo journaling of your toes at the end there! Actually, I wish I could enroll in your school. Looks like you have a lot more fun than folks do at mine!

MemoryMaker said...

Yeah.. I have GOT to learn how to turn that thing off!

reece&dana said...

Hey, film your blue shoes for me -- the ones from this morning; that way I can download a pic and take it with me shopping :-)